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"We learn and educate to assist in manifesting human potential."

Some people say that the human development curve has peaked and is starting to flatten, and the only way for us to make a leap in mental and physical capabilities is through some sort of evolutionary event.  There are other people who believe that there is enough forgotten, withheld, poorly disseminated, and yet to be discovered, knowledge that if informed/talented teachers were encouraged and supported they could teach us all to be happier, healthier, and higher performing to the point that it would feel as though an evolution had occurred.

The Insights Foundation is in agreement with the latter group.  We have found, and seek, teachers/individuals who can not only get people to the peak levels of their endeavors, but can show them that their peak is really just the base for the next level that they will be taught, and/or discover on their own.  Either way, we will be there to support them when they are ready to share with still other people.  We seek to assist these teachers/organizations/individuals by offering the use of our facilities, personnel, knowledge base, and assets as well as helping them optimize their assets and connecting them with our other affiliates.  All areas are to be considered: arts and crafts, sports, healing, martial arts, math/science, business, yoga, meditation, religious studies, therapy, and even government... any program or brainstorming meeting that can help in developing/realizing human potential.

Martial arts is a good example.  There was a formerly great defensive martial art.  Teachers splitting off or withholding/forgetting the highest level fundamentals, is causing the art to die off (along with some of the oldest, most knowledgeable instructors).  We have found other instuctors that know at least as much as the original founders and are willing to openly teach not only what has been lost, but introductions to even higher levels.  But that is just an example; we want to explore, and/or facilitate,any opportunity to maximize human potential.  Please explore the site and learn more about ways we can all support anyone trying to realize these opportunities.

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